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To the Beat: Roman Tönjes & Lukas Loss

Music Videoadrian alva2d

Check this on out.  Apart of the complexity of layers and layers, turns, zooms, dollys etc... Check out the great photography that I asume was also produced for the clip. Another thing, 5 minutes! Absolutely remarkable, still, besides the track I´m not quite sure if was needed or not (the length), what do you think? I mean the purpose for the branding is well acomplished. At the end seems to me like a very well finished clip, very complex I have to say. I imagine all the time invested in it. And about the software, it could be After by I have a hunch that is maybe something more powerful, maybe Flame. We hope the authors get to read this post and help us out. 

Anybody out there have something on the authors?

Love it, totally overwhelmed. I have to say I have a certain fixation with this music label. Do go listen to their stuff. Try Tini she's awesome. I remember a couple of live acts in a wonderful place in Barcelona, Wip I think it was, no clue if it's still on, if so, visit it too.

One more thing, if you visit Desolat's site, check out for their simple but hypnotic visual. Just that.

Enjoy and go dance!