Seeing the response of the projection mapping post at Arc de Triomf, I do my first post showing the best out there in the subject. With a huge carreer paired with amazing music desginers collaborations, I present to you The AntiVJ. A strong european visual label that gathers talent from visual artists and music designers to produce the most outstanding installations and projection mappings worldwide. Visit their webpage, and never stop going back to them. They are for me, the most reliable reference in visual arts tendencies,  the most amazing and complex mappings you will see. If they go to your town or near you, you must see them live! 



 by Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier, Simon Geilgus, Romain Tardy, Yannick Jacquet  Music: Thomas Vaquié

For those who know them, enjoy them once again. Its never too much with them. And for the firstimers, be prepared to feed your eyes with pure insight and geniality.